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Get the Perfect Fit

Whether you are a new client looking to get dentures or a past client in need of repairs, give us a call today.

Denturist Serving Drumheller and Hanna

Looking for a denturist in Drumheller or Hanna? We offer partial dentures when some of your teeth remain but some are missing and full dentures for when all your teeth are missing. Keeping your natural teeth helps preserve the strength of your jaw and is always the preferred route. We offer implant retained dentures for when there are no teeth in the jaw but enough jaw bone to support implants. In this procedure, dentures are attached and held in place by surgically inserted roots called implants. Our immediate dentures are inserted just after the teeth are extracted by a dentist or oral surgeon. They cannot be tried in like full or partial dentures and are made to resemble your natural teeth.


For your dentures, we offer:

  • Free consultations

  • Full and partial dentures 

  • Denture repairs and relines

  • Immediate dentures (surgical) 

  • Implant supported dentures


Free Consultations:

When a patient is looking to improve either their appearance or having overall problems eating, a consultation informs you about what can be done to solve your issues. Whether its full dentures or partials, this is the starting point. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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