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New Dentures & Partials

Complete dentures are made to replace all of the natural dentition (loss of all teeth), whether it is an upper or a lower denture. A denture is made of artificial teeth with an acrylic base that looks real and feels natural.

Partial dentures are made to replace some, but not all of the missing teeth. They replace empty gaps from missing teeth by using metal clasps that fit around the teeth.

Dentures and partials should be replaced once every 5 to 7 years. Otherwise, you risk over wearing your dentures and create all kind of problems such as:

  • More difficulty chewing your food
  • Breaking the denture (upper or lower) 
  • Ridges may shrink (especially the lower). When you decide to get new dentures or partials, it will be more difficult to get used to wearing them
  • As your dentures wear out, your jaw moves forward and creates further problems when it comes time to replace your dentures

Whether it’s a partial denture or a complete denture, both can be made to feel as natural as possible. You’ll be able to eat just as well as when you had your natural teeth. Meet with us to regain a functional, healthy mouth, no referrals necessary!

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