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Get the Perfect Fit

Whether you are a new client looking to get dentures or a past client in need of repairs, give us a call today.

Drumheller’s Denture Specialists

At Drumheller Denture & Implant Center, we have over 25 years of experience helping our clients get their bite back. We specialize in providing partial dentures and implant retained dentures to assist those in various degrees of tooth loss. In addition to new dentures, we also provide a range of repair and maintenance services to keep your current dentures functional and comfortable. 


Here at Drumheller Denture & Implant Center, Jeffrey Dallman DD will give you the necessary information required for you to make a decision suited to your needs and budgets. Drumheller Denture & Implant Center has been providing denture services to the surrounding area since 1980, with Jeff being the owner since 1999. For your convenience, no referrals are necessary!

Drumheller Denture offices

Based in Drumheller, we also provide denture services in Hanna to make things easier for surrounding communities. We accept all insurance plans. Learn more about our services now.

Patient-Focused Denture Services

At Drumheller Denture & Implant Center, Jeff is committed to giving reliable denture care to all patients. When it comes to dentures, you want them to look and feel as natural as possible; a well-made denture is a comfortable denture. At our clinic, we take a personal approach to getting dentures, focusing on aesthetics. Most dentures are manufactured right here in the lab including reline repairs and full dentures. Our relines are done in one day and repairs are done within the hour. Full and partial dentures are done in a timely manner, depending on the patient’s schedule. Schedule an appointment today!

The Denture Process

Drumheller Denture & Implant Center helps you from the first consultation all the way to the finished product. On average, it takes 7 appointments to make a full denture set, from start to finish. Sometimes, Jeff can do 3 appointments in 1 day. During the first appointment, upper and lower impressions will be taken (the 2nd visit is your final impressions). If it is a partial denture, the framework is sent to be completed at a dental lab and work is continued upon its return. Next, we finish the denture with various try-ins of the wax denture over various appointments. Once the wax try-ins look good, a final fitting is done and your dentures are complete.

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